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Vikki Stacey

Vikki started working with glass a few years ago and has become fascinated with the challenges and possibilities it presents.


I was hooked when I did some lampworking (making glass beads), I just loved the molten glass and the colours.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the ‘happy accident’ that happens and transforms an idea into something amazing and different. 

When I started making my street scenes it was the colours of the glass and modern architecture that inspired me and then this instigated my shape-making in the cast pieces. 

I enjoy developing new designs and also interpreting ideas for commission.

My love of colour drives my passion for glass and all the pieces are individually created to stimulate the imagination.


Each piece of glass can change under different lights and with different reflections, interpret them as you will and enjoy them.


Contact details: (under development)

0775 322 6836

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