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Diana Bailey

I am primarily an embroidery teacher, although I have completed many commissions in the past for institutes and groups and have recently completed several private commissions.


I trained at the prestigious Royal School of Needlework and, on completion of this, I enjoyed teaching traditional embroidery techniques for 15 years in the North West of England before moving to the midlands. At that point in my life I sadly left embroidery behind and retrained as a primary school teacher, spending the next 15 years teaching in Key Stage 1 but kept my hand in as the Art co-ordinator.


Now, at last, I have returned to my first love – embroidery. I have spent this last year teaching from my beautiful home in the countryside. I have focussed on traditional embroidery techniques but with a contemporary feel, mixing crewel embroidery with raised stumpwork. I have also been building up a new portfolio of work, including the mirror pictured above.


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