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Burcote Woodturning

Woodturning by Gerald Hubbard


"I sort of fell into woodturning about 12 years ago, when visiting my engineering employer's client. He was making some toys and whilst watching him, I thought, 'I could do that!'. And so my education began; making shavings!


There are many people to whom I owe a great debt, for their willingness to show and explain how they produce such amazing pieces, as well as the wonderful tutors of YouTube, including John Berkely, who makes small boxes, puzzles and chess pieces. And a master wood turner, the late Bill Jones, whose books, 'Notes from the workshop' and 'Further notes from the workshop', have been a tremendous source of inspiration and learning. Watching the pro turners can be a real eye-opener and most are only too please to help with ideas and technique.


Since retiring, my craft has taken a few turns, (no pun intended) with the items I make, ranging from fruit to bowls, new or repaired pieces to restored furniture.  I like turning the more intricate pieces, such as the Acorn, Apple and Bell shaped tape measure cases and etuis; and the skeleton clocks are always fun things to make as they engage people's attention with all their moving parts on display. Ball point pens, fountain pens and pencils are a newish line I now produce, in an array of wood types. Finishing can be as simple as wax, or a little more 'creative', such as a mixture of boiled linseed oil and super glue."


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