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Vivien Duggan

Vivien Duggan - Natural Gemstone and Enamel Jewellery


I began making natural and botanically themed jewellery as an off shoot from my drawings with natural gemstones and vitreous enamels as splashes of colour. I love the painterly qualities of enamel and enjoy blending colour and laying transparent hues over embossed, milled or engraved surfaces.

Recently I have begun to explore the use of cloisonné wires and graphite for a more descriptive look.

Mostly handcrafting in silver, I make a range of one off pieces or small batches of earrings, pendants and brooches.

During the Art Trail I will be exhibiting at the Methodist Hall in Silverstone and will be available over both weekends and in the afternoons during the week.

You can contact me on:

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