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Sara Penrose
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I have a passion for both Art and Science and have been fortunate enough to be able to pursue careers in both.

I believe that engineering and art are a complimentary contrast.

After all, aren’t they perhaps just different perspectives of the same thing?

Certainly, in art; the science of light, geometry, perspective, even the ratios in the compositions all give strong links back to Science and Maths.

Northamptonshire is very close to my heart, it is my birthplace and home. It’s rolling hills, meandering canals and rivers, quiet lanes, country estates, golden stone and the subtle weave of industry.

I love painting landscapes, for me it's a journey. Starting with the gradient of the sky, the swirling, billowing and quirky nature of the clouds, the miniature, muted detail on the horizon. 

I map in my mind’s eye the composition, both tree and structure, noticing the light and the shadow on every surface and indent.


Then there are the shapes, textures and movement of each component of the piece.

My brushes dance across the canvas telling the story.



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