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Sally Pennycate
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Sally Pennycate

Mixed Media Painter


My studio is set in the beautiful rural setting of the Northamptonsire countryside which is a constant source of inspiration.

My connection with the landscape is very strong and my paintings are a meditative and reflective interpretation of a disappearing natural landscape.


I work with various media to create highly textural abstracts based on nature, some of which incorporate natural elements and textures in the work to illustrate the beauty of nature and the importance of valuing it.


I create works of art which have elements of nature embedded within them.

These large mixed media paintings are layered with a hardening material and paints and mica powders to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of humble weeds, plants and leaves.

I add subtle metallics and different paint techniques to highlight the structure and form of elements of nature.


There is an environmental thread that runs through my work as I use non toxic and natural materials where ever possible and believe these highly textural and tactile pieces are a reminder of a disappearing landscape.


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