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Sabari Sen

Sabari Sen


Sabari has turned to creating an array of beautifully crafted ceramic pottery which combines a subtle elegance with functionality.

Trained from Swanspool Ceramics in Northamptonshire, her style of pottery reveal a perfect blend of Western subtlety of design and Eastern colour and  mysticism.

As she says, "I am inspired by the charm and comfort of ancient stoneware and draw inspiration from the colours of nature all around me. Pottery for me is like drawing in three dimension. I like which comes to me naturally while throwing, like the shapes , the designs and the glazes best suitable for that particular piece".

Just like each person has his/her own reason for loving pottery, Sabari too feels this three dimensional medium helps her to express herself in totality. The entire ritualistic process of creativity involved in pottery making and the endless possibilities of creating  with clay  brings for her a definite sense of peace and serenity.

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