Eighth Annual Art Trail

3rd - 11th October 2020

30 Washle Drive, Middleton Cheney, OX17 2P

OPEN Sat, Mon - Sat 1-5pm

Marigold Short | Joyful and vivid colour juxtaposed with monochrome; these prints and paintings
are inspired by visual, physical, and spiritual acts of reflection.



instagram.com/Marigold Short 07857 200 315

Artist present for discussion.

Event Risk Assessment

My exhibition will take place in a 9m x 3m gazebo in my back garden.

Though it will not be necessary to touch anything, hand sanitizer will be available.

Care should be taken to ensure social distancing.

Facemasks are advised.

Access is via the side passage which is 80cm wide at its narrowest.

There are no steps but some of the paving slabs are uneven.

Booking is advised.