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Mel Beacroft

Mel Beacroft; Fine Art Painter/Printmaker


Trees, flowers, field margins and nature are sources of inspiration for my original paintings and prints.

I explore and photograph the land, hedgerows, woodland and coast, seeking out native flowers, gnarly ancient trees and weather worn branches, shaped by the elements.


When landscape painting, I use oils, acrylics or watercolours, often taking inspiration from rural Northamptonshire. Employing a range of tools including palette knives, mop brushes and large rounds, allows me to create gestural marks, washes and expressive brushwork.


Furthermore, I love to capture the intense detail and natural textures of trees, using micron pens with inks and watercolours on heavy paper.

Stepping out from my home studio takes me directly into the garden where I can sketch and experiment with compositions for lino designs and drypoint plates.

Home-grown flowers and seed heads are fun to carve and incise as they provide exciting lines, shapes and forms - perfect for printmaking.


For commissions, behind the scenes footage and further insights into my practice, follow the links below.


Instagram: @melbeacroftartist


Tel: 07912040237

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