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Maggie Burgess-Wood

Maggie started watercolour painting 30 years ago under the tuition of Robin Carter, and since retiring as a Purchasing Manager with the Open University, has now found time to revisit her love for watercolour painting and photography.


“My first love is, and always will be, painting in watercolours, but recently I have also rekindled a passion for photography. To me, the two are intrinsically linked in creative expression. An understanding of light, composition, perspective and texture are equally important in both mediums, to create images that excite and form lasting memories of a particular time and place. Sunlight hitting the landscape creating long shadows and bands of colour inspires me, as does the interaction of transparent watercolour paints with water and textured paper, that form fluid shapes and granulation to create atmospheric skies in landscape painting”


Over the Summer months, Maggie has been exploring new mixed media techniques using acrylics, glass paint and resin and has been spending time stone carving at a Stone Carving Festival in Dorset. 



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