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Lizzie Coulter

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Lizzie Coulter: Painter, Printmaker and Jewellery Maker.

Lizzie has always been creative, firstly encouraged by her mother, a talented artist and designer, and then by an Art School educator predominantly at Leicester and for a short while at Chelsea.


After gaining a Masters and finding that she actually loved teaching life was split between painting and printing - (yes, you can legitimately ask to come and see her etchings!) commissions, exhibitions and teaching for over 30 years.


Now her time is spent silver-smithing and jewellery-making, a logical extension of attacking metal with acid which is part of the etching process.


Inspiration comes from both the natural and man-made world.

The idea that the artist can observe a subject deeply and analytically as well as reacting to it emotionally gives a wide range of possibilities in those wonderful moments of light changing and reflecting with water, the growth of moss on stone and the wonderful range of decay in woodland.


Really, one lifetime is not enough!


Lizzie’s work is in collections in British Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, Corsica, France, Italy, and Spain, as well as Great Britain and has been accepted by the Royal Academy.


Find me on Facebook at Belziadeth Jewellery and Art

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