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Claire Watson

Longhorn Calves by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Portland Ram by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Red Squirrel by Claite Watson-sm.jpg
Longhorn Calf by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Longhorn Steer by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Fallow Deer by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Greylag Goose by Claire Watson-sm.jpg
Buff Cochin Cockeral by Claire Watson-sm.jpg

Claire creates fine art photographic portraits of rare breed farm animals, pets and wildlife. She is happy working with a wide range of animals from dogs to cows and is based in Northamptonshire. Currently Claire is working on pet and farm animal commissions and adding to her growing portfolio of wildlife photography.


She enjoys photographing all sorts of wildlife from mammals to birds in order to capture and showcase the beauty and power of these wild animals.
Claire is also creating a visual archive of British rare breed farm animals for the public as a record and to encourage action in conserving them.


To enforce the beauty and importance of rare breeds, the animals have been presented in the style of formal fine art portraiture, reminiscent of historical paintings, thereby re-establishing the animal’s presence within the classical portrait genre.

Using the power of personification, the photographs persuade the viewer to see these animals as individuals with personalities. It is vital to conserve these rare breeds as they are in danger of becoming extinct i.e. the Suffolk Punch horse is rarer than the Giant Panda and to maintain genetic diversity within the farming industry, we require genes from older native breeds to create productive and resilient breeds of farm animals.

Claire wants the direct gazes of these animals to inspire people and encourage them to help protect and conserve these rare breeds. 


Contact details:

01295 760211

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